Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pillow Stitching

A trip to Deer Park tomorrow to meet up with the Glory Box women.  I think we have only four more sessions until it is our Christmas break up.  This thought brings sadness to my body - as I have really grown to love this project and also the women I share every second Thursday with.  This has been one of the most challenging projects I have worked on for a few different reasons - and I think the women really had to hand in there to work with me too!  But we made it through to the other side all together!

Look at us here busy planning and sewing one of akind pillow designs!

Some finished designs below

The women were asked to develop up designs that reflect their values and ideas of glory boxes and in turn also reflecting marriage and family life.

Also quietly working along side the project is a wonderful team of women Enza Gandolfo and Marty Grace, both Lecturers at Victoria University.  They have been writing and documenting the Glory Box project and will be publishing a book in early next year! Can't wait - but this also means the end of the project...

Tomorrow I am feeling very excited about as we are starting lingerie and I am introducing the idea of working with paper to make the intimate items.

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