Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Making

A little top I whipped up this week - this April Autumn is really unleasing a beautiful energy in me that is making projects happen that I have been wanting to happen for a while!

Its a shot taken in a very dusty mirror, early this morning - so very pleased with myself!  This top has POCKETS!!!

The pattern has been adapted from Sew La Tea Do: 25 Favourite Things to Sew
by Pip Lincolne.

The fabric came into my snipping hands by chance from a Mumma friend who was donating some sheets to the school for cubby building.  I have got tones of this fabric left - Hj has asked for a top & I can see a skirt being made too!

I hope to announce soon a very exciting project I am beginning to work on with a very special Fryerstown friend soon!

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