Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Illustration Tools the Old and the New

Water Colour How I Love You.

A monthly deadline keeps me close to you when I work on preparing an image to promote the Bendigo Family Nature Club's monthly outing.


I was amazed when reflecting back on the process to put this illustration together I was amazed at all the different illustration tools I used.  Perhaps I should be writing; Water colour - how I love to manipulate you!

Here is my list of tools I used to make this finished illustration

1. Flickr
 I draw from photo & inspiration, my little brain just doesn't generate this stuff from scratch!

2. Water Colour Paints & Paper & Pencil
This is the joy bit, so old school!

3. Scanner
Make my sketch into pixels

4. Darling Google
To find my background image (really letting all my secrets out now)

5. Iphoto
To save the background image to my iphone

6. Waterlogue
This app should be banned - turns your images into watercolour drawings!

7.  Photoshop
For snipping cropping and masking and placing

8. You Tube
I am a photoshop hack!

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