Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Super Mumma, it's her apron

This is my sister, super mumma and in her arms is super Mads.

They are kindly modelling an apron that I made for my sister's birthday (back in November last year!)

I was very proud of myself when I made this piece and it was a bit of a milestone in my sewing - having finished some major commissions freeing up time just for my sewing and it was the most tricky pattern I had followed for nearly 15 years!  I must be a super mumma too!

It is an Emmeline reversible apron - the pattern from here.

(doesn't their new London kitchen look nice!)

Writing about super mummas, my other sister Nj has a new darling bubba - who gave me the opportunity to make this softie, a pattern again from Meet me at Mikes

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Rochelle said...

Hey... there we are! Thanks for the lovely apron! Feel special now knowing how much trouble you had making it - eek!
And that softie looks great