Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coriolis Effect

This is Goolwa - where I spent my weekend, with an amazing bunch of artists and producers on a project called the Coriolis Effect.  This project is lots of things that I am still sorting myself out about.

Basically it is professional development in cultural leadership, focusing on Live Art and regional artists!

Our assignment for the weekend was to meet local people and check out local locations to produce a project for the 2012 Regional Arts Australia Conference taking place in Goolwa in 2012.

The night we arrived I meet an inspiring woman called Jenni Worth, a textile artist.  The next day I visited her studio & she took me for a quick spin around town to check out locations.

 Jenni uses reclaimed textiles and her most recent body of work has been heavily informed by a recent India Flint workshop Jenni hosted in Goolwa.

I was especially taken by her string work & got me a thinkin'

 You can check out other project's Jenni is involved in here:

Found. stitched and dyed

Australian Art Piece Gallery

Her blogspot

When it comes to writing about my project that is in development it is completely in flux and upside down at the moment - in fact we aren't even best friends.

The inspiration I was given from Jenny will keep me going for a while now.


iNd!@nA said...

while i agree entirely that Jenni is an especially inspirational person with whom i delight in spending time
i must confess i am wondering exactly what a "recent India Flint" might be?

tjoyy said...

Hi there India - wow completely brilliant you dropped by my blog only to pick up a typo! Love it!

Jenni was inspired by a recent workshop you presented in Goolwa - sounded completely brilliant. We would love you to come to Bendigo soon. I am running a festival in Bendigo, at an urban farm, in two weeks and one of the activities is a botantical dying activity by a wonderful local artist I work with a lot