Friday, March 25, 2011

Glory for one year

These are some of the Glory women I am working with at the Hunt Club in Deer Park, where I am currently a community artist in resident.

 We are working together on a project called the Glory Box - it is all about reconnecting with the tradition of the hand made for glory boxes.  I have had four sessions with the group now and I would have to say despite sounding very romantic it would be one of the most challenging projects I have worked on.

 Here is a picture of the community arts centre (right next to an 8 lane freeway!!)

 One aspect of the project is inviting the women to bring in previous works they have made or family items that were once crafted to be apart of a Glory Box.  Some samples are shown here.

As you can see they are very talented and skilled women, who have a long tradition of stitch that they are revisiting.

Also working on the project is an artist and community cultural development worker I deeply admire Angie Russi  Angie undertakes interviews with the women about glory boxes and their story of the craft around making items for Glory Boxes. 

I have a studio on sight that is looking very empty and sad, other than a rug and folding chair - one of the challenges is distance between my home and Deer Park (making for very early starts of a 5.15am train ride!)  As well as the distance of language, culture and understanding of the process of making. 

Like me they love to keep their hands busy, making things for others, things that are useful and beautiful.  We are on the path to crossing community craft and creating into art - our canvas will a table cloth.

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Rochelle said...

Wow Tam - this does sound like a very amazing and challenging project. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the end result. How many women are in the group? How was it organised?