Sunday, July 24, 2011

The sewing girl

As part of my residency at the Hunt Club for the Glory Box project I am to make art works that respond to the community who I am facilitating workshops.

Below is my first body of work - it has taken sometime for me to get a grasp on what the Glory Box means for the women I am working with and how it has featured in their lives and then work this into visual images or objects. 

It is the romance and the wistfulness are the emotions that I most respond to from the group of women.  I get swept up  in power that is placed into the value of making of hand made and the messages the stitch can convey.  I am also very romantic about the image of a young woman sewing and it is an image I have employed for previous projects.

 What I have chosen to do is reproduce designs of works the women have brought in to share over the life of the project with water colours, with a drawing of a young woman stitching - framed in a oval frame, which I hope represents a frame for a ornate mirror. 

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