Thursday, July 07, 2011

Kinder costume making memories

At kinder Hj is learning all about Australia and last week they had a dress up as something Australian!
Silly me thought we had agreed on making a kangaroo costume and after picking out fabric and patterns together I got to work behind the sewing machine.

I dropped her off at kinder in casual dress - a series of tables were lined up together to make a costume "cat walk" along the length of the kinder room - but she would not put the costume on...  I thought perhaps she might put it on later  in the day, once she go into the swing of things.

On picking her up I asked the kinder assistant TWICE, just to make sure I didn't hear what she said incorrectly - which was No Hj did not wear her costume today.  Well Mummy's heart sank.

On the way home I recalled an Easter Bonnet parade at school, and a squashed Easter bonnet in my school bag that mum decorated for me with sewn pop corn all over it - Hj and I had a little giggle all the way home!


Rochelle said...

Oh... so why didn't she wear it? She didn't want to be a kangaroo? I recall you making me an Easter bonnet out of a round ice-cream bucket and I so much didn't want to wear it or be in the parade - so i sooked and didn't. It was a stressful day at school!

Rochelle said...

PS outfit looks great. Love the hood and ears. Cute

nattyj said...

Hahaha...I did the same with this beautiful Easter bonnet Mum made for me too! It had cotton wool balls all over it & was so lovely, but I was too embarrassed to wear it & then when I saw all the others, I knew mine would have won so I was kicking myself all the way home!

Love the outfit, such a clever mummy & cute bubby roo to boot! x

Life's a poem said...

oooh what a post! I remember sewing outfits for my darlings but when they got to a certain stage they just didn't want to wear clothes made by mum... ha, happens through all ages.