Friday, June 24, 2011

Dirty Denim Play

Verity and I are the Dirty Denim team - working creatively and steadily towards our first group show at the La Trobe Visual Arts Centre in December later this year.

Verity is a textile practitioner and is very much into experimenting and pushing the boundaries of fabric.  While I like fabric to be apart of what I always do - such as my English paper piercing.

Verity has been experimenting turning the denim into strips to be knitted together.  She is also collecting all those bits of annoying denim fluff created when you cut it to turn into denim paper!

Here is the sample knitted denim - very exciting!  Thick and lovely texture to touch.

Found this extraordinary blog called DENIM - Denim is a material investigation into the use of denim in craft, art and design.  It comprises an exhibition curated by Dell Stewart and an accompanying catalogue. Love it!

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