Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plenty of dirt on this patch

I do love sewing - although right now I am just not focused on getting things completed.  More kinda like I am plodding over old ground and scrambling for some rainbow rays to hit me and light my way.

This work below is a shot of work in progress for Dirty Denim.  Again using English Paper Piecing - usually I use Horse Hair - but for Dirty Denim I am using reclaimed denim! So many tones to play with.

This will be a large quilt stuffed with dried grasses (rather than a man made quilt lining) - and where I am wanting to go now is to use a previous drawing from a sampler pattern and transpose it into a large wall piece using the larger squares.

Perhaps I have a rainbow now - top of the season winter weather here - not a rainbow in sight.  Kinda like it is  spring already.

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