Thursday, October 25, 2012

When Nothing is Straight : a show of patchwork

Opening this evening! Friday 26 of October 6pm – 8pm

Elgordo Café Chancery Lane, Bendigo

Many people know that English paper piercing quilting is a long term habit that I just can't seem to kick out of my arts practice! 

Here is a recording of a recent local ABC radio interview for you to enjoy!

It is the minimal stitching, the repetitive piecing and the slight texture changes in the fabrics that I am addicted to, sitting very close to my chocolate compulsion, if not winning.  When I see a large blank space on a wall I think - gee wouldn't some English paper piecing look gorgeous.  I love putting slabs of the same or slightly same tonal colours together and witness the emotions, dreams and atmosphere they evoke.  Like chocolate you always gotta have some more! 15 October until 2 November at Elgordo

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