Tuesday, October 23, 2012

windy, fun and exhilerating

It was windy, fun and exilerating.  Kit Out and Up went better than I could have ever had anticipated.

Learning about live art in the Coriolis Effect mentorship project was a large side step for me and took me to many places that made me feel very unconfortable.  Mostly I wasnt sure that people who joined up to my project would get into the spirit of the kit (pictured above) and try out their ideas.  It was amazing how keen people were to get started and how they quickly fell into the magic of making.

I had completely overlooked that it is possible to have fun while making mistakes!

Here are some very short films of people getting into the world of kit making their own civic spaces.


Ben Fox said...

Awesome article Tam!
I really like the context of making civic space, and the comfort in the experimental, playful space.

tjoyy said...

Hey Ben your a gem x