Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A kit for Civic Life in Goolwa

Civility is central to the idea of Civic Engagement.

Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy 11 March 2012 Coriolis Effect Discussion  1st impressions – what does cultural engagement look like in Goolwa?

Suddenly an idea has grounded and constructed with me!


The story which inspires is from Goolwa's recent urban civil history of a mayor who built Centenary hall, this costly and selfless act was inspired by failure.

In 1928 the Mayor of Goolwa, Percy Wells, challenged the local establishment to imagine a radically different future; and failed. This failure to convince his peers to build a state-of-the-art cinema led him to build Centenary Hall at his own expense, running it successfully for thirty years. Michelle Murray

Civil activity for Wells in Goolwa in the 1920s was in a building that connected people with one another and with the greater outside world. 

An expert from Centenary on Percy Wells by Michelle Murray 

... humanity needs relief from certainty every now and again

That there is no greater pain killer than

The sudden rush of endorphins

And sometimes a community can survive all things

When its members have something to look forward to

When occasionally a hole blows out in reality

And we can all walk through and remember

The playground of our imagination

My name is Centenary

My purpose is a place to celebrate

To reach the bounds of boundlessness

And sometimes plunge right in

To be in the presence of angels

To be set free

I am the rabbit hole

Through which everyone is Alice

Challenged to suspend your disbelief

And dream

"When Centenary Hall was first built by then-mayor Percy Wells it was always envisioned that it would be a flexible space catering to the varied needs of the community. "

The Times 30 Nov 2011

I wonder if my act to evoke place, space and body for civic engagements could be by providing a kit for building a location, a structure, a set of clothing for civic acts occur, inspired by Wells?


A boy who constructed a commerical enterprize - hiw own arcade from cardboard!


Some Making Links:

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