Sunday, April 15, 2012

The start of the length of string

This post is for me more than you. 

I am untangling an idea about string, about cultural leadership, about Goolwa and my practise. It is my project for the Coriolis Effect.  The origins of which came from  visiting Goolwa last month and meeting an inspirational local Jenny Worth and her string, which I posted about some weeks back.

Safely without audience I can admit, I am stretched and finding it difficult to make space in my life to untangle and step up to the demands of this project.  However I am propelled by the people who are also involved in this project - they are like beautiful books to be treasured as they stir up my insides and Goolwa as a place stays close to me.

Elements that are firming up include

  • The setting for the project has been suggested potentially at a handmade market, from which Jenny will also be running string making workshops.
  • It also has been strongly recommended by my mentors to introduce the motion of a kit or a game into this project for conference participants to use, borrow or take away or potentially purchase.
  • My interest in the reverse notion of accumulation

The following a short snippets are where my string is starting from!

The photo above is from a performance by Rona Lee, at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. 10,923.00 metres of string, enough to reach the bottom of the deepest surveyed point on Earth, Challenger Deep, were laid out on the dockside, over a six hour period. - This image evoked in me someone walking in sand - or shifting sand around with their feet, a kind of walking image.

"Conceptually and thematically I am especially interested in that which resists our capacity to ‘order’ and contain it, the fluid, uncertain and indeterminate, along with phenomena that cannot be easily regulated or contained, such as shadows or water." Rona Lee

This got me thinking ... of other the ignored (which has previous featured in my practice), despite its continuing persistent presence - like weeds!  or the spiritual - which directed my thoughts to the Hindmarsh Island Bridge.  Visit the link here to the story of the bridge and the transporting home of spirits known as the Hindmarish Island Bridge Controversy

Thoughts diver to  the invisible impact, transformation of landscape from tourism and our creation of consumerism lifestyle, also to the creation of domestic environments - a staging for romance or lifestyle or connection with a lost culture - I am thinking colonial here.

"All my works are a series of drawings (on canvas or on wall) made by using weed and grass with pins. I collects the materials from her backyard or from the road where I walks daily. They are tied together into long strips, thus becoming the ‘line’ of the work. To create something from materials people think are useless is a concept, which has always been of interest to me". Chaco Kato

 this is a gorgeous image of her current project  

       White Nest: Swifts Creek 2012

"Louise Saxton's interest in reclaiming materials from the home coincides with her increasing concern for our diminishing resources, both in the domestic realm and in the natural world."

Further ideas include: (and this is where I need your discussion!)

  • Wrapping purchases at the market with string - using bark/natural containers - an investigation into finding balance and building local knowledge of landscape - eg bark sticks - evoking balance/failure/resilience/question & answer process

  • String sculpture made from hands or adding on people's waste generated from the conference - like from lunches
  • Messing up a large string sculpture
  • Mapping the invisible
  • String wrapped on fingers as reminders

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