Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glory Christmas

Better late than never!  This was from our Glory Box Christmas Party - way back on the 15th of December.  Perhaps it has taken me so long to blog about our day because I ate far too much yummy food.  It was a special feast as the Coptic Community fast in the lead up to Christmas, which for them is the 7th of January.  Fasting means eating no meat or dairy. Although decadent chocolate cake was still on the menu cleverly made with soy!

Juliette kept our ambitions sewn together throughout the project and on this day she laid out the table cloth for which we had sewn a square each.

It was exciting and also sad, as our time sewing together has come to an end.

All our work will be soon be opening at an exhibition at The Hunt Club Community Arts Centre Deer Park.  Along side this project has been a writing of a book, launched that night too, details to come soon.

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