Monday, February 07, 2011

Sewing gifts

Back to school now, for some reason I can now make time for my blog - time seems to move differently when life isn't so organised and nothing seems to be a priority - other than reading books and eating and watching films.  Oh so very lazy.

Although I did manage to make quite a few Christmas and birthday gifts, thanks to a darling friend who loaned me her sewing machine as mine has completely packed it in now.

How sweet are these ruffled halter neck tops I made for my nieces?  The fabric I used from opshops or cut down a dress I also purchased at an op shop.  The pattern is by oliver & s.

 This bag is a Meet Me at Mikes pattern - for my sister in law her birthday falling at the end of Jan.

 Hj's new kinder bag.

Aunty Sis's bag with matching note book.

Phew that machine is on fire & NO trips out shopping - love it.


Rochelle said...

Lots of lovely making! Can't believe you were able to fit all that in!! wow!

zigozagocraft said...

Hi Tamara, my name is Alex and I am a friend of Anna your blog and the crafty adventures of yours....would love to come to meet 'the knotty ladies' soon