Friday, September 17, 2010

What was the Enlightenment

The launch and also the closing of the Enlightenment Project took place last Sunday - launched and closed by the Victorian Arts Minister Peter Bachelor. I now have two fabric cubbies in my car port - not sure really what to do with them now. Any cubby lovers out there?

Here is the Minister & also a Councillor of the Macedon Ranges - wouldn't it been lovely if they hopped into the cubby and grinned from in there?

The day before was a Children's craft anoon hosted by the generous and hard working volunteer friends of the Kyneton Museum.

Speaking of brilliant cubbies and textiles work check out these ones below & for more information follow this link

I also love this perminant cubby made by children from the Melbourne University Early Learning Centre, souced from the blog Let the Children Play.

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Rochelle said...

Love it - looks great! But why launched and closed on the same day??