Monday, September 28, 2009


Hello Neglected blog. I am back with lots of plans for October - despite moving house again and supervising builders

With the graceful inspiration of Planning with Kids I am announcing my goals for this month. - What the go is at the start of the month you write up your goals then review again at the start of the next - to see how you went.

So Here we go

1. Making:

Kd lunch bag
J present (pretty sure he dosent read this but will keep hush, hush)
Finish Christmas avent stockings
Finish Hj Dolly Cot Quilt cover

2. My Business

Develop map for my web site re-development
experiment with making work documentation process
Approach darling brother to re-work web site
Blog here three times a week and plan these posts
Get Knot Ladies cranking

3.My Health
Commence eating and exercise diary on a daily basis
- really wanting to loose 5kg

4. My Family
Regular weekly family activities
- Monday night drawing
- Wednesday night bush walk & board games

Did I mention that I am moving house this month?

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PlanningQueen said...

Monday night drawing - what a gorgeous idea. We have a games night on Friday nights, but I think my younger kids would love drawing together on a regular basis like that. Good luck with the move!