Thursday, May 07, 2009

a talk at Shepparton Art Gallery

Wednesday... well it is Saturday now - sometimes life just get so busy and I never get a chance to post a blog that I have written up in my head.

Wednesday was a special day a trip to Shepparton Art Gallery to do a talk to their Friends of the Gallery Group for Come on the Scene.

I also had lunch with a very special friend, who lives in Mooroopna (just out of Shep in the country with lots of native birds and peacefulness) with her beautiful children and (also beautiful!) husband. - not to mention her incredible garden.

I really enjoyed the collection of ceramics at the gallery. While viewing their collection I had some lovely thoughts about the links between ceramics and textiles. But as usual my brain has drawn a blank and I can't for the life think again of any of my insightful thoughts... I really must get into the habit of writing things down more (not just a list of all the jobs I want to get done...)

This is some of the wonderful sublime work by Gwyn Hanssen Piggott

And these delightful little pinched animals wanted to come home with me forever. They are by Stanislav Halpern.

I am getting a little concerned with by absent mindedness. Is it a Mum thing or could it be linked to my recent head surgery?

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pen said...

I would have gone with the absentminded=age thing until I saw the photo of the stitches! How the hell did that happen??!
Are you ok.......?
I was always proud of my memory , until I had an accident 9 years ago, its annoying when I know I know something and I just can't access it at the moment. Grrrr.