Monday, May 04, 2009

On ya bike ya mug

ooops - when asked on live radio craft artists I am into I FROZE and simply could not answer. Simply hanging my head in shame - lots of nervous laughing. Gee I could have a least said my Mum and my sister (who is an extraordinary stitcher).

Ok I am going to pick up my game.

Here is Miss Pen Pen - I like here work as she lives her craft - teaching at RMIT, running a store called cottage industry in Gertrude Street Melbourne - that sums it up really. She is living it!

Umm I would like I could promise to post regularly about artists - but I can't promise anything other than cooking regularly for my family and staying true to my constant nature of being dazed and confused.

1 comment:

Christiane said...

I think we all felt a little strange last night on the radio :)No problems-
Cottage industry sounds like a place I would really like to visit! :)