Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Co-lab : tumbling down

Did you know my Mum, Lorraine Marwood, is AMAZING?  Although amazingness does take an awful lot of time (like anything amazing does) - her career as a writer had to wait for her six children to grow (and go away!).

I am thankful that we both made some time in our live to contribute to Co.Lab - Words and Art on as apart of the 2013 Bendigo Writers Festival.

The collaborative challenge, not unlike Amending, was to respond to the writers work - in this case Mum's poem "A Grassy Slope"

A Grassy slope

Two brothers,
begin at top,  toddler sister still struggling
to climb; then spinning , legs in scissor motion
tumbling down, crushing tufts,
sky and ground mosaic shards
till wham, a brother rolls
that toddler sister like rolling pin
to pudgy biscuit dough.

This work is made up of four A3 panels which I water coloured, stitched and stuck - good fund and hours of making - I listened to a really great, yet trashy mp3 book while I worked -The White Queen byPhilippa Gregory.

 This greeness is a treat, by Jean Jullien, I found on pinterest - the next step for my stitching on paper is to get some movement happening in that line work.

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