Monday, July 15, 2013

Charcoal bush scratching

Umm I am feeling nervous!

I am leading something fun and that I love doing with parents and children for this weekend for the Bendigo Family Nature Club.  Silly that I am nervous!

Charcoal is so yummy to draw with - it gets all over you as soon as you touch it - so yes you must draw and get involved.  It is also so very naughty and misbehaves as you draw.  Lines that were meant to be crisp become smudged.  Crisp little crumbles fall onto your lovely paper and ground themselves into spikey blobs.

Drawing will take place in the Mount Alexander Oak Forest in winter - so the landscape is very bare with lots of lines of trees and their branches - and I just love drawing lines.  But we will also collect leaves and acorns and do some up close shape and detail drawing too.

I had a little try out with my children a few weeks back - just loved what they achieved on wet grass and a clip board!

Whilst we are settled with clip board on our knees I will hand out this great little field trip report I found on a homeschooling blog - it is for older children who can read and write, but a great resource none the less to build deeper reflection for a child to think about how they relate to a place they are visiting.

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