Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It is joyful to finish stuff

Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance was one of those random books that I pulled off the shelf at our local  library.  Going to the library on a weekly basis one of my favourite joys and finding books that bring me inspiration or new insights is complete joy too!

This little gem has deepened my attention to my own thoughts and the sort of world I am attracting to myself.  The first action I made happen was getting this quilt made for Hj, one that I had started back in October!  (The quilt's twin is living in London with my freshest little niece)

"Incomplete projects lead to feeling defeated and unsuccessful.  Yet these negative feelings do not seem to motivate most people to complete the project.  Instead, the project lingers over their heads like a black cloud. You know that you have to finish it, but you cannot seem to find the time to do it.  Therefore this unfinished business creates a feeling of being overwhelmed and the sense of always having something to do.

Incomplete projects invites the Universe to do the same with the delivery of your good.  Although your good begins to materialsie it never fully comes that way you had desired.  Your good is preempted it is delayed or stuck in neutral.  Make your life simpler.  Learn to complete one task prior to moving to the next one.  Completing things feels good.  And anything that feels good certainly deserves repeating." 

Choosing Joy, Creating Abundance Ellen Peterson 2004

These few passages really touched me as I often feel overwhelmed and that I have something to do.  On the flip side of that I have so many projects I haven't started that I would like to start!

Getting this blog revved up again is one of my keeping the joy happening, as well as dedicating time each day to reinventing my business, writing, exercise, eating for health and I hope to stretch this one in there - drawing!

Here are some other resources that I have found lately to get me going to make time for my projects and business ideas.

This is a great post about a small business owner (she is a yoga teacher) exploring how to deliver a new service.

A clip that is part for listening and also something I use as a mediation which describes being married to yourself - a bit out there I know - but I like this idea of being committed to being with "you". Listening to your needs, caring for yourself and being compassionate, understanding and loving to yourself!

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