Monday, October 15, 2012

Kumuwuki/BIG WAVE

Kit out and Up is my project being presented at the 2012 Regional Arts Australia Conference on this weekend.

Kit out & Up is a playful encounter with ‘The Coriolis Effect’ - a unique long term investigation and experimentation by Live Arts organisation Punctum & Country Arts SA  bringing together 10 artists from across Australia to explore live arts and civic engagement in regional settings.

Kit Out & Up  invites you to be the creative leader and construct your place for civic gathering, imagining and playing.

Did you know that Goolwa's Centenary Hall was an impossible imagined place for the future, constructed in the 1920s by a determined local leader, Mayor Percy Wells? 

In 1928 the Mayor of Goolwa, Percy Wells, challenged the local establishment to imagine a radically different future; and was rejected! Despite failing to convince his peers it was a top idea to create a state-of-the-art cinema, he simply built the Centenary Hall at his own expense and ran it successfully for thirty years!

Turn your back on what is working and be inspired by the promise of failure! Make use of the kit from Kit Out & Up to create a potential place for unknown future gatherings and technology!

Where: The Neighbourhood Reserve, on Railway Terrace, opposite the Corio Hote
When: Friday and Saturday October 19th, 20th at 2pm-6pm

Check out this video of my kiddies trying out the kit - silly & fun! See you there!


Eliza Doolittle said...

Great Blog Tam keep up the creativity

Liz said...

Great blog Tam. Keep up the crativity.