Monday, September 19, 2011

A pillow case

Last workshop session at the Deer Park Community Arts Centre for the Glory Box Project we completed our peasant girl tea towels and moved onto our next project - a pillow case.  The pillow case the women have designed is unlike any pillow case I have know before - it is a very romantic pillow case - that it is especially made for two heads to sleep upon!

Traditionally it is made with red satin, lace and pure white cotton.  We are putting a little twist on the traditional pillow case by embroidering an intimate design or story on the hidden underside of the pillow.

Below is a little mock up of the pillow. This is the front, revealed side of the pillow

And this is the underside of this little mock up pillow

A few weeks back the group of women spent some time creatively exploring words with Enza Gandolfo, a writer who is writing a book about the Glory Box project.  Now we are sinking out teeth into pulling our designs together.  Drawing and looking at images, thinking about text, choosing colours, cutting up fabrics and found embroidery textiles to re-use creatively.  Lots of fun!

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Life's a poem said...

What lovely designs- very clever TJ- always learning on both sides to do.