Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sewing up some Joy

Here is some recent sewing for my children's Easter Gifts.  And also a gift to me because as I stitched away my heart filled with joy.
 This is Prairie Dog
And Clever Mr Fox - in his boat/bed my son made for him.  (he tested out if the boat floated in the bath tonight - not with Mr Fox in it but 10 tissues that are heavier than Mr Fox!)
The pattern is from this book Sew Me, Love Me: Best Friends to Make.  Available at our local library.


Rochelle said...

Wow! They are super lovely Tam!! I finished off another 3 shmerpi teddy's last week - one for Madeleine and the others for two of her friends who also turned one. I think I'm done with that pattern now!

Fatty fat fat said...

love the prairie dog Tam - you are very clever and the kids are lucky to have you make stuff for them