Saturday, August 21, 2010

A selection of my Places & Pieces Jewellery

I have been working on a fantastic project called Places and Pieces, which has seen me as an artist in residence at the Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Tomorrow is my last day - it has been a memoriable and life changing experience and I hope I have the opportunity to work in a high school setting again. The students were wonderful and very inspiring.

These images are of works that I made in response to the Places and Pieces Theme; jewellery and body adornment pieces that reflect their place in a geographic, cultural and personal sense.

I made them back in May - for some nervous reason it has taken me sometime to post them.


Nadine Fawell said...

That. Is really some awesomeness.
Man, I gotta broaden the spectrum. Writing and idiot knitting. That's about it for me right now.

Life's a poem said...

Very clever, very satisfying, very inspirational. Hope you get to teach workshops again real soon, too.

Anonymous said...

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