Saturday, January 23, 2010

Easter Art in the Conservatory

Like this patchwork? I just love them. I discovered them in a library book I recently took out and was delighted the direction they provided me for my first 2010 commission with the City of Greater Bendigo - Easter Art in the Conservatory.

They are images soured from Quilting, patchwork & applique : a world guide by Caroline Crabtree and Christine Shaw.

The idea of the commission is to create an installation of new work that celebrates Easter Bendigo style with a Chinese influence - in this case coming through the use of the colour red.

The circle is a found piece of paper from a recent workshop my kids did at the local Chinese museum - but I believe the curved form plays a major role in Chinese culture.

Both patchworks are Chinese children's hat - the first being a three dimensions fierece tiger face to protect the child. The second being a festive hat; the red colour, the fish, the pomegranates, lotus and gilded toad are all auspicious symbols.

The work I have said I will make is a "decorative patchwork quilt featuring the colour red draped across 5 to 6 chairs in a row. The work will be playful and cubby like - invoking thoughts of handmade and creative childhood play and imagination."

The work represents a mythical creature, transformed into life by imaginary play and joy. Its soft decorative red dragon body is hand stitched (gee don't think I will be hand stitching any more!) fabrics using English Paper Piecing - actually I am thinking of machine sewing using a rectangle pattern that has flaps of curved shapes that I will hang tassels off.

I haven' drafted up the pattern yet - but have drawn up many times in my head.

So these patchwork masks at the top of the blog are the lanching point for the head of the creature I am making - I am yet to nut this out.

I have collected the fabric for the dragons body - this Wednesday evening I am taking the PLUNGE and starting.

Will keep you up to date.

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