Sunday, May 10, 2009

A funny weekend

Oh we had lots of laughs this weekend. Starting with Friday nights decision to go to Pizza Hut for tea (lovingly renamed as Pizza Palace by Kd)

We were seated next to the all you can eat desert bar, which had a whipped ice cream dispenser on hand. My darlings couldn't get enough bowls of ice cream with chocolate sprinkles (making for my decision that this was the first and the last time we visit Pizza Hut) - however Hj got stuck under the ice cream and as a result a mountain of whipped up swirls poured over her hands - which alarmed her greatly - and us awful adults nearly wet our pants with laughter. Oh it was silly.

And this is what can happen after a meal at this fine eatery;

Then it was the Multicultural festival on Saturday. Our children came home looking like this:

Then lots of Mother's Day joy....


Nat & Danny said...

Oh, that is too funny!! Poor HJ with the icecream-how hilarious!!

Rochelle said...

oh my gosh where did kd pick up those cool moves and rapping lyrics?? Totally hilarious - I think you've got a star on your hands!
Although I couldn't quite understand what he was rapping but I'm sure it was all pretty meaningful.