Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pumpkin Eaters

A few Saturday nights ago a wonderful thing happened - I turned on ABC2 and came across the film, "The Pumpkin Eaters". An extraordinary film from 1964 about a mummy, and her life. LOVED IT!!!! - I loved it because she was just making her way through life and finding strength after strength to give love to her husband (who was a real pill) and her children. (oh her poor darling boys at boarding school).

Oh did I add that she always looks fabulous and so does her home!

A blog I found writes "By my lights, a "pumpkin eater" is a gullible person, one who (figuratively) can swallow most anything, and doesn't seem to be daunted by whatever the pain of doing so is." But you know I don't think you are gullible for swallowing pain - I think Pumpkin Eaters is really exploring the notion of unconditional love.

Here is a photo of my special place that heals me and helps me build love and understanding inside me.

And here is a source of pure love - a drawing by my son - the source of inspiration for my recent embroideries.


Fatty fat fat said...

This is inspriring Tam - I think you are spot on about the pumpkin eaters - would be the toughest thing to do - not the stupidist. Love is something that you work at. Where is that space you work?

Fatty fat fat said...

This is really inspiring Tam. Love your insights. I don't think that the pumpkin eaters are stupid either - it is the toughest thing in the world to do - love is something that you have to work at. Where is the place that you get inspiration, is this a place in the town centre?

tjoyy said...

the space is upstairs of a building leases from BRIT and down stairs are youth arts programs and lucky me has a studio rent free for a year up stairs - thanks to our darling council