Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Feeling a bit chocolated out already.

I loved this post from Michi Girl (it pretty much sums up my Easter activities!)

It doesn't take a clairvoyant or a genius to know that I love Easter. My grandpa just gave me an egg larger than my head, including hair. Tonight it will be gone. Tomorrow I will eat a lot of hotties. Saturday I will lie around a lot, might even drink a bit. Come Sunday I'll eat chocolate, and chocolate alone until bed. Monday I will most likely be sick, but after cleaning my teeth I will eat any remaining chocolate, for I am a trooper. Bring on the rain and the woolly clothes and the hot drinks. Hoppy Easter.


Life's a poem said...

is this your bunny? got some craft boosk too at the easter fair- did you go?

tam said...

hi mum yes made the bunny from a book called the cute book - just finished making Kd a robot for easter - wrapped and delivered - too cute! I dont know how you managed to do all this for six!