Thursday, February 21, 2008

Filet Crochet

Found out what the name of the cotton lace I am using! It is called Filet Crochet.

"Filet crochet is an old technique, which reached elaborate heights in the late nineteenth century. It is still very popular today, particularly in Holland, France and Germany, where it is used to make curtains, table cloths and figurative panels, as well as decorative edging. It consists of a regular square mesh, made from trebles (triples) and chain stitches, and the design is crated by filling in some of the spaces which blocks of stitches." sourced from Creative Needlecraft Handbook by Lucinda Ganderton

Hhhhhmmmm I have never been one for crochet or knitting - I have had a go - but the results were more like knotting! But I am feeling tempted to learn - just did a quick surf at how tos and I think I will have to ask someone to show me - those instructions look way too complicated

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tjoyy said...

goodness thanks Sandi