Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cleaning in the Bathroom

Last week we started cleaning our bath room using baking soda paste (after our supermarket purchased cream cleanser finished)

I have to say it cleans much better and the store purchased product and was really good on my skin.

Most of all it is non-toxic and when it goes down the drain it isn't going to have such a big impact on our water ways than the store purchased product.

I have been thinking a lot about all the packaging our family goes through each week - where do you go in a regional town to buy food and other products that you can take along your own packaging?


nattyj said...

TJ - We sprinkle bi-carb soda on everything to clean and then spray with white vinegar and wipe over. It works a treat and is so much better than store bought sprays! it even got my oven sparkling clean in no time at all. Love it!

tjoyy said...

thanks Nattie - what inspiration; what other things dont I know about you? Will be lovely to visit and spend time at your new home in Benidgo